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The future can be frightening. However, preparing for the future is important when you have your family’s interests at heart. If you want to make sure that you can provide for your family and loved ones after you pass away, you should consult a Putnam County attorney with experience handling trusts, estate planning, and probate issues.

When it comes to trusts, estate planning, and probate issues, at Hedstrom Law, P.A., we have dedicated years of our practice on providing comprehensive legal advice for our clients. We conduct a thorough analysis of your legal options to ensure that you have an extensive amount of information at your fingertips for the difficult chooses in life so you can confidently reach an informed decision.

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How Does a Trust Work in Florida?

A trust can be a useful legal tool to manage and protect your assets. People often use trusts to protect their assets against certain creditors during their lifetime. Some trusts can be used as an integral part of an estate plan as a way of preserving your intentions regarding how you want your property distributed upon your death. Moreover, trusts can be used to prevent assets from being subject to costly and protracted probate proceedings. At Hedstrom Law, P.A., our experienced attorneys can provide sound advice and hands-on services regarding trust formation, selection, and preparation.

How Can Estate Planning Help Me?

Developing a comprehensive estate plan is an effective way to make sure those who are most important to you can enjoy peace and security for years after you have passed away. A good estate plan will employ numerous methods and legal tools for crafting how your legacy will benefit your loved ones in the event you can no longer make decisions for yourself. Our knowledgeable attorneys have experience preparing and implementing inter vivos and testamentary trusts, gifts, wills, and other instruments. We can advise you on the tax implications of using these legal instruments and the possible impact their use will have during probate proceedings.

Skilled Probate Representation

When someone passes away, the possessions, assets, and liabilities he or she leaves behind will be distributed according to Florida probate law. Probate proceedings are conducted in probate court and can vary in complexity, depending on how much property and assets are left in the decedent’s name after they pass away. Complicated and drawn-out probate proceedings can become expensive. That is why people utilize an effective state plan to help simplify probate proceedings. At Hedstrom Law, P.A., we have experience handling, administering, and sometimes litigating probate matters before the court. Our clients can count on us to provide quality advice and advocacy to ensure their probate issues are resolved in a fair and amicable way.

Need Advice on Trusts, Estates, and Probate Law?

At Hedstrom Law, P.A., we have dedicated years of our practice on our role as legal advisors and counselors. Our clients have grown to count on our knowledge of the law and achievements in practice to help them confront challenging life choices with legally sound and factually informed decisions. We approach our work with compassion and understanding. Each of our cases has a unique set of circumstances to consider. Therefore, you will receive personalized legal services that address the specific parameters of your case, so you can rest assured that your plans for the future have been crafted with care and proper consideration for you and your loved one’s needs and goals.

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